Chief Roar

Palz Wonder

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  • Hero Outfit                                            16 inches tall
  • Professional Uniform                         9 inches wide
  • Biography Booklet


Chief Roar loves being a firefighter, there's no satisfaction similar to the relieved look on civilians face when firefighters arrive on the screen. The joy he gets when helping someone in need or when a families home is saved he says is indescribable. Chief Roar is a very important part of his neighborhood, he and his fellow firefighters are very brave and always shows up to face dangerous situations to save the day. Chief Roar understands the importance of a good firefighter because as a young cub his family was saved by the courageous firefighters in his community after a very unfortunate candle accident. Now he acts with full force during each and every call to give the same brave service he remembers his family receiving when he was young.